First Birthday Party Trends For 2019

At Paper & Parties Boutique, we are absolutely thrilled when our customers come in to shop for First Birthday Party Supplies! It is such a joyous time in their lives, celebrating the first year of their child's life. With so many charming themes to choose from, our customers are often unsure of which theme would be best for their child. That's why we decided to make a list of our favourite themes that we know will be big in 2019! And remember, themes and creativity are not limited to this list! Have a suggestion for an awesome First Birthday Party theme? Comment below! We get our best inspiration from our amazing customers! 

1. Wild "One" Jungle Party

We absolutely love this theme for a number of reasons. The jungle Wild One theme is a fresh approach on the Wild One Camp Party that was really popular in 2018. while we still love the camp theme, the jungle theme is a delightful alternative. 

Jungle Party Essentials

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2. Unicorn Party

This theme is still going strong. Still our most popular products in store, the unicorn party trend ins't showing any sign of slowing down! With new and innovative unicorn inspired partyware coming out often, there is always a fresh way to interpret this party idea. Our staff love the simple Unicorn Eyelash Plates and Napkins.

Unicorn Party Essentials

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3. Donut Grow Up!

I mean, who doesn't love donuts?! This theme is fun for kids but also a great crowd pleaser for adults. Give everyone a break from traditional birthday cake and instead have a selection of yummy donuts. Pair with coffee for the adults and milk for the little ones.

Donut Party Essentials

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    Loving the donut theme

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