Our Easter Collection Has Arrived!


Easter is just around the corner and we are so excited to share our first seasonal collection with you!

As you may know, we recently moved from our retail store in Downtown Langley BC to our new commercial warehouse space in Maple Ridge BC. It was a huge transition for our team and so far it has been amazing! We have room to grow our business and expand our brand with more product lines.
Paper & Parties Easter Collection
We thought Easter would be the perfect time to plan a styled party in our new space! I set out to connect with some other local businesses to collaborate on the shoot. We included cookies for Icing Baked Goods, Florals from Cicily Florist , hair tie favours from Plum Polka Dot and wooden gift tags from The Little Tableau.

I spend most of my time behind the scenes so spending time creating was a welcomed change. There is nothing better for the soul than creating. That's why I'm so passionate about parties and helping our clients bring their party vision to life. It is truly a joy.

For this shoot, I had great expectations. An adorable pastel Easter party with our kids decked out in Meri Meri party hats and headbands. I even committed to our photographer that I would jump in for a few photos. So there I was, up at the crack of dawn curling my hair and organizing the kiddos.
Paper & Parties Easter Collection
We arrived at the warehouse and started setting up. The kids were already getting antsy and I could tell that their clothes wouldn't stay clean for long. Thankfully my friend Christina from Plum Polka Dot popped in to give me a hand. Soon after, our photographer showed up and we finally started shooting.

It's funny how these shoots take days to set up and the photos only take a few minutes. I wrangled the kids to put on party hats as they argued over which colour bunny ears they wanted. I could feel my patience getting shorter and shorter.

Can't they just smile normally and pose for a quick photo? Is that too much to ask? I thought to myself. All this styling and hard work is being derailed by a 2 year old with Cadbury Easter chocolate all over his face.

But then I stopped and looked around. This was it. I was living out what the dream I'd set out for myself. There I was, standing in the beautiful white warehouse filled with children I love, wonderful team members who share my vision and friends who were there to support me and my business.
Paper & Parties Easter Collection
I realized in that moment that I wasn't there to create perfectly styled images with children behaving angelically. I was there to create content for moms who maybe don't have it all together all the time. Moms who want to have Pinterest-worthy parties but who also know that time together is more important than pretty pictures.

So I let go, I let the kids run around and hoped that the photographer would get a couple good shots of them. At the end of the day, the most important thing is acknowledging meaningful moments in life and not getting too hung up on the details.
Paper & Parties Easter Collection
It all worked out and we ended up with lots of cute shots. However, the experience taught me a valuable lesson, you won't remember the perfect photo. You'll remember the hugs and the smiles and the love that's in your life.

So share your Easter photos with us on social media! Even if you think it's not perfect, we want to see you celebrating life's special moments. #celebrationsmadesimple

Happy Easter!
Michelle xo


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