Peppa Pig Birthday Party

Have a Peppa Pig fan in the house?  Throw a fabulous Peppa themed party with a springtime twist.  With clouds, flowers & rainbows your party guests will be ready for some muddy puddle jumping!  At Paper and Parties we love to inspire, be sure to check out our other blog posts for more ideas!
Lets get started and check out our Peppa party decorations. 
Peppa Pig Inspired birthday party flat lay


1. Boho Paper Flower Sunglasses 

Your adorable party guests will love these cute and trendy boho paper flower sunglasses by Meri Meri.

2. Sun Plates 

Oh Goody! These Meri Meri cute smiley sunshine plates will brighten up your table setting! 

3. Custom DIY Balloon Garland

Don't be intimidated! Balloon Garlands are a piece of cake, with a kit!  With pastel pearl pastel yellow, burnt orange and dusty rose, your balloon garland will be a hit! Pick the perfect Peppa theme party colors and use our Paper and Parties custom balloon garland kit! It has everything you need to make a beautiful garland exactly to your taste! Shop them here.

4. Cute Cloud Napkins

We have the sunshine, but of course we need some clouds! What is a Peppa party without the impeding chance of muddy puddles? These Meri Meri Cloud Napkins pair perfectly with our Meri Meri Sun Plates.

5. Meri Meri Daisy Party Garland

This stunning daisy garland by Meri Meri Is made with crepe paper for an extra delicate look. 

6. Meri Meri Pastel Rainbow Birthday Candles

These tall and slim pastel candles will compliment a Peppa cake topper and will look stunning on any cake!

7. Meri Meri Wild Daisy Plates

After stomping appetites will be big & you'll want to serve up snacks on these adorable Wild Daisy Plates by Meri Meri.

8. Meri Meri Short Tumblers 

Incorporate some cute pastel colors into your Peppa Pig inspired party with these perfect short tumblers by Meri Meri.  Available in a rainbow of colors.  We chose pastel yellow and pastel pink to go with our Peppa themed party!

9. Faux Grass Table Runner

Add this Faux Grass Table Runner by Talking Tables to your party decoration collection!  

10. Giant Peppa Pig Balloon

Of course, the main party guest Peppa herself has to be at the party!  This jumbo peppa balloon will make a statement & will be loved by all Peppa fans! Check out our peppa helium balloon too! 

11. Weather Cupcake Set

You don't get muddy puddles without rain! This stunning weather themed cupcake set by Meri Meri comes with everything you need to make adorable eye catching cupcakes for your muddy puddle loving crew.  These are the most perfect Peppa cupcake toppers!  Ice with chocolate icing to make an extra muddy delight!

12. Meri Meri Pink Bamboo Fiber Cake Stand

This stunning cake stand by Meri Meri is crafted using bamboo, is dishwasher safe & suitable for hot and cold food.  The large size of our Meri Meri cake stand makes it perfect for displaying cupcakes!


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