Plan a Tropical Moana Party!

Moana birthday party ideas flat lay inspiration


Follow along to see our comprehensive guide on all things tropical to plan an amazing Moana birthday party!

1. DIY Balloon Garland - Make an amazing balloon garland with your own custom colors with the Paper and Parties custom balloon garland kit!  The colors I have selected are burnt orange, coral and cameo. Then grab some coordinating jumbo latex balloons for a really ocean, bubbly look! 

2. Moana Sunshine Balloon - Add your Moana balloon to a cute table centerpiece.

3. Tropical Leaf Garland - This palm leaf garland is sure to bring the tropical vibes to any Moana party.  

4. Wooden Cutlery - Cute wooden cutlery with monstera leaves.

5. Surf Board Floaty - What is better then decor that doubles as a gift?  This super cute and trendy surf board float by SUNNYLIFE will bring the surf shop to your Moana Birthday Party! Check out our entire SUNNYLIFE collection here!

6. Coral Paper Plates - Of course you need some Coral Dinner Plates by Meri Meri to bring those tropical vibes to the table.

7. Tropical Leaf Cups - Paper cups with tropical leaves.

8. Tropical Flower Backdrop - Grab this beautiful showstopping faux flower backdrop to use as a photo prop or a beautiful addition to your balloon garland!

9. Mint Paper Plates - Add these Meri Meri Mint Paper Dessert Plates to your table setting. The gold foil rim adds a touch of class. 

10. Tropical Leaf Napkins - And of course, top off your table setting with some beautiful tropical leaf napkins.


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