Gender Reveal Confetti Popper

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This listing is for ONE grnder reveal confetti cannon.

This gender reveal confetti popper sure gives you a “Bang” for your buck. Confetti can shoot up to 10ft high. Whether it’s a girl or boy you can get shades of sunset pinks or iceberg blues. Biodegradable confetti made of rice paper. 

You can choose a boy or girl or an option to get someone else to call or email the shop to let us know. 


All of our confetti cannons are created by hand, with roughly equal portions of confetti. The confetti is biodegradable rice paper colored using non-toxic dyes. The cannon itself is completely recyclable and is filled with compressed air. We do not use toxic gases or explosive powders. Being handmade allows us to ensure the a high quality finish as well as cater to larger custom orders. 


Each cannon is consists up of biodegradable, non-toxic confetti made from rice paper. Two choices are available, Blue or Pink. Each choice consists of 3 shades in each color. The colors for the pink confetti is derived from sunset hues while the blue confetti are derived from arctic icebergs. Each cannon in filled with over two thousand of pieces of confetti!


If used indoors, ensure there is adequate space above to allow for the desired effect. Point upwards, away from face and body, and twist! Although our confetti is non-flammable, due to the large amount of confetti packed inside our cannons, please ensure there are no open flames such as candles or lamps that can be pushed over by the force of falling confetti. There is a small plastic piece inside the cannon that helps pop the seal, it can be considered a choking hazard if ingested. The loud popping noise can startle household animals. Since each animal is different, we ask that you kindly respect the noise preferences of your pets. After the reveal, the confetti can be easily vacuumed or swept up within minutes.


Our confetti cannons feature non-toxic, non-flammable,100% biodegradable confetti. Outdoors is generally the best for achieving the maximum potential of our confetti cannons as they are capable of shooting 10-15 ft high. Although our confetti cannons are environmentally friendly, please use responsibly and with discretion for the environment.


Customer Reviews

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Glenda D.
Confetti greatness!

We purchased 6 if these for our sons gender reveal.
They were everything we could have asked for!!